CREEP: 24, F, RVA.



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Entrapment and the Richmond Police Department


Today I ran into a Richmond City Police officer with two bikes, a converted Kent single speed bike and a blue Iron Horse mountain bike. I asked him where he got the bikes from because someone had claimed they thought he stole them off a pole, but he claimed that he was taking them to get appraised…


"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.

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me during the summer: is today wednesday or sunday
the most change I’ve ever rolled in my life.

I have a lot of these big beauties emerging from exoskeletons on my property right now - Coastal Lyric Cicada, Tibicen lyricen virescens.

This is an annual cicada species and not a periodical cicada. Which means it doesn’t emerge every 13 or 17 years. I see these here every year. The lifecycle of the so-called annual cicada typically spans 2 to 5 years; they are “annual” only in the sense that members of the species reappear annually. Species called “annual cicada” include members of the genus Tibicen (“dog-day cicadas”), Diceroprocta, Neocicada, and Okanagana. More -
Lizard’s Tail (Saururus cernuus)